SpaceX has achieved the fastest astronaut flight to the ISS

SpaceX has achieved the fastest astronaut flight to the ISS

SpaceX has achieved the fastest astronaut flight to the ISS 

➠ SpaceX has set a new record for the fastest astronaut flight in its Crew Dragon capsule. Previously, Spacex had set the record for the fastest single rocket launch. 
➠ The company flew four Crew4 astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA in less than 16 hours, the shortest flight time since SpaceX began flying crews in 2020. 

➠ SpaceX launched another batch of Starlink satellites orbital constellation of Starlink satellites. As part of a recent rocket launch, another batch of miniature satellites went into orbit.A Falcon 9 rocket carrying 53 Starlink satellites launches from the Cape Canaveral launch pad in Florida. 
➠ About nine minutes after launch, the rocket's first stage landed gently on a special floating platform in the Atlantic Ocean. 

 A rally in support of SpaceX was held at the starbase! 

 ➠ Locals supported SpaceX after USA The Federal Aviation Administration has delayed for the fourth time the release of the environmental assessment required for Starship's orbital flights. 
 Jessica Tetreau (Brownsville City Commissioner): 

 ➠ ­čŚúToday, more than 1,000 local residents attended an event organized by our city's community to demand that the FAA approve the final environmental review of the Starship launch and no more is postponed. Thousands of local families depend directly or indirectly on SpaceX's facilities in Boca Chica. 
 Hawaii Airlines Becomes First Major Airline With Starlink Internet  
 ➠ SpaceX plans to offer wireless Internet access on Hawaiian Airlines flights via the Starlink satellite network starting next year. The airline told CNBC that it plans to offer the service to passengers free of charge."Hawaii Airlines is ensuring its passengers experience high-speed Internet the way it should be in the 21st century," said Jonathan Hofeller, Starlink's vice president of commercial sales.

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